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When it comes to important matters such as security, crisis management, reputational damage and risk assessment, you want to work with a discreet agency that knows exactly what they are doing and who will work proactively rather than reactively. Which is exactly how The Lost Boys Detective Agency operates. They aren’t interested in or swayed by the media, rather they are there to ensure your safety and to stop bad things happening to good people. Headed up by founder, ex-police detective, Mark and his director and multilinguist, Ana, the agency works with a team of expert consultants ranging from credit risk and financial fraud advisers to doctors who can assist with medical negligence cases to assist corporate, legal and private clients.


About The Lost Boys Detective Agency | Investigation & Crisis Management

The Lost Boys Detective Agency, works in the corporate, legal and private spheres offering criminal defence, independent investigation services, crisis management and security consulting. Combining his twenty years of experience in covert roles and Serious Crime Investigation with his fantastic network of resources including extensive media and legal contacts, former police detective, Mark, set up The Lost Boys Detective Agency, after wanting to continue working on cases of miscarriage of justice and realising that no other investigators in the UK specialised in this. Joining him is director and multilinguist, Ana. Fluent in English, Spanish, French and Russian, Ana brings with her experience in corporate finance, consulting, PR and marketing, sales and arts administration. The result is an agency, that whilst based in London and the Cotswolds, works internationally offering a range of services with help from a team of expert consultants and business partners located across the world. Services include bespoke security and risk assessment for both individuals and businesses, crisis prevention and management and investigation services. For corporate clients this might include due diligence, cybersecurity, insider threats and insurance concerns and for individuals seeking private support, they can investigate missing persons, social media related reputational damage and protection against stalking. In cases of miscarriages of justice, they aren't swayed by the press or media interest, nor will they take on cases and subcontract them out if they are unable to assist, rather, they will recommend someone who can help.

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