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There’s no getting away from it - divorces are inherently difficult. They can, however, be slightly less complicated and painful with the right legal support. We consider this divorce specialist one of London's finest law firms. Their attentive, one lawyer per couple approach ensures a level of cooperation that can be tough to otherwise achieve at the painful end of a relationship. And by completing the divorce process in 6-8 weeks, this firm makes the process as quick as possible.



About The Divorce Surgery | Law Firm

The Divorce Surgery is an innovative divorce specialists because of its refusal to use the adversarial model followed in most divorces whereby each party appoints a separate solicitor. As well as involving higher costs, this traditional model makes the divorce process competitive rather than cooperative. The cooperative model The Divorce Surgery employs ensures couples are better able to negotiate the division of finances and property in a healthier manner by using the same lawyer. It emphasises a solu-tion which is fair for both parties over one which raises tensions. The Divorce Surgery has one several industry awards and is well lauded for its lawyers’ patience and understanding.

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