The Body Doctor | Personal Trainer


Listique’s Recommendation

We know that self-care is important and when it comes to a personal trainer designed to nurture and train the body, there are none we would recommend higher than Bodydoctor. Their bespoke fitness regimes consistently produce happier, fitter and stronger clients. From weight loss to high-performance event focused training, we’ve heard glowing reviews of this esteemed service from past clients. Signing up could be your first step to a fitter, healthier you.


About The Body Doctor | Personal Trainer

For over 25 years, Bodydoctor has trained London’s esteemed individuals from their 3,500 sq. ft. studio in the heart of Belgravia. They endeavour to get all their clients feeling their best, both mentally and physically, and tailor their training programmes with this in mind. Instead of focusing on just one area, Bodydoctor programmes are holistic - flexibility and range of movement are prioritised alongside structural strength. Clients now experiencing a vastly improved quality of life are testament to this personal training firm’s effectiveness. Clients who once felt permanently injured or stiff are now able to use their bodies to the fullest. Bodydoctor’s studios are world-class, with the latest in training equipment and techniques. When you add in the firm’s highly qualified and experienced staff, you have an environment where spectacular results are easier to achieve than you may have initially thought.

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