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We love this personal shopping and styling service because of their in-depth knowledge of the fashion world. While other style consultants can be a little behind trends, Tailored Styling is always right on the pulse. What’s more, they are always reliable, making them perfect for image-conscious individuals who are time-poor. Immersed right in the centre of fashion’s inner circles, Tailored Styling can acquire those hard to find items that are the envy of all.


About Tailored Styling

Fashion expert Amber Gordon started her own style consultancy business a few years ago and has been a hit success. Now, Tailored Styling serves some of the most prestigious clientele in London. She has a diverse knowledge of fashion and can procure the perfect outfit for a black-tie event or the latest streetwear style. She has a fresh perspective on fashion, which can be seen in the outfits she sources. Amber has been well accoladed for her rare ability to distinguish between a hot trend and a momentary fad. Put simply, Tailored Styling is an essential service for discerning clients of all ages.



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3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH

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