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For those who want to enjoy the highest quality, sustainable, and traceable meat from small scale independent farmers in Yorkshire, look no further than Swaledale Butchers Ltd. This family-run butchery is committed to supporting heritage and native livestock breeds, promoting whole-carcass, nose-to-tail butchery, and delivering the best produce farmed in The Dales. With their focus on sustainability, Swaledale is the perfect choice for conscious home cooks and imaginative restaurant chefs who want to enjoy meat that is Always Fresh Never Frozen.


About Swaledale | Ethical Butchers

Swaledale Butchers was founded by Jorge and Charlie, who formalised their commitment to supporting small scale farmers, promoting heritage and native livestock breeds, and supplying customers across the UK with sustainable, traceable meat that’s Always Fresh Never Frozen®. Based in Skipton, Swaledale Butchers Ltd is synonymous with whole-carcass, nose-to-tail butchery in Yorkshire, and for supplying the finest produce farmed on The Dales. All meat, including beef, pork, and lamb, is dry-aged on the bone in their Himalayan salt-ageing chamber, and award-winning sausages and bacon are also made using the same native breeds.

Nose-to-tail Butchery:

Swaledale takes time and attention to prepare each carcass, which is why their team of expert seam butchers make use of every single cut as a mark of respect for the animal. The meat is cured, smoked over beech, or mixed with bespoke spice blends, and they produce meat that is interesting to cook and flavoursome to eat. Many cuts are only available in limited quantities or on a seasonal basis due to the whole-carcass butchery process. They are proud to operate in sync with their small scale farming supply chain, match the rhythm of seasonal production, and echo the lifecycle of livestock.

Community and Native Breeds:

They built relationships with a collective of like-minded farmers, the real heroes of The Dales, without whom the preservation of native breeds would not be possible. They believe in farming traditional breeds that are well-adapted to the UK climate and terrain, and are able to flourish on the land. By choosing to farm in this way, Swaledale Butchers Ltd supports heritage breeds and small scale independent farmers.

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