Stuart R Stevenson

Listique’s Recommendation

We were instantly impressed by this gorgeous retailers. It is the kind of place where we’d be happy stopping for 20 minutes just to find the perfect pen. At odds with the glass fronted developments now in the area, from the moment you step through the door to the tinkle of the old shop bell you feel like you have returned to an earlier London, richer in character. The shelves of this traditional store are teaming with pens and paints. Family run, the shop has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We’d recommend this stores to creatives looking for the finest materials.


About Stuart R Stevenson

Stuart R Stevenson started the business in 1980 from the boot of his Volvo estate and acquired the current premises in 1985. Despite their lack of comfort, those early years driving round London were where he first earned his strong reputation and loyal client base which the business holds to this day. This authentic retailers believe that their small size gives them an advantage over larger stores. They pride themselves on knowing each one of their clients personally and have been witness to some of London’s finest art works and studios. In a fast changing city, this family store’s friendly, personal service ensures that this shop will endure for years to come. This retailers are Royal Warrant holders as Suppliers of Artist and Gilding Materials and are located in Clerkenwell, Central London.


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