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We know how crucial finding the right healthcare provider is. This is no more important than when it comes to addiction therapy. Addiction is a personal and difficult illness for all involved. The help we seek can make all the difference on the road to recovery. What stands out about Start2Stop is their commitment to understanding addiction behaviors and providing genuine pathways to sustainable recovery.


About Start2Stop | Counselor

Founded 10 years ago, Start2stop is a leading London private sector provider of addiction therapy. What sets this provider apart from is their fundamental belief that intrinsic in everyone affected by addiction is a motivation and ability to change. With 96.6% of Start2Stop alumni agreeing that treatment has changed their life, it is clear that this provider has a lasting impact. Based in the heart of South Kensington, Start2Stop offers a way to continue progress in the real world, helping their patients to take steps to build a life in recovery. As well as residential services outside of London, they offer various forms of stepped-down care including a family programme, an evening programme and daycare.

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