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Listique’s Recommendation

Sotheby’s has played a central role in the development of London as a key hub in the art world. Despite its colossal reputation, Sotheby’s has a ‘down to earth’ feel that few would perceive before entering its hallowed doors. One thing we find sets Sotheby’s apart from its competitors is the ability to engage with its knowledgeable curators. We would recommend this auctioneers to any art aficionado or to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of art.


About Sotheby's | Auction House

This veritable London institution really needs no introduction. A world leading auction house for nearly 250 years, in its time many of the world’s finest pieces have been sold here. As well as auctions, Sotheby’s hosts fabulous exhibitions of international art. These exhibitions are as diverse as the art sold in its auction rooms, ranging from the antiquarian to the contemporary with plenty of room for everything in between. The entrance on New Bond Street leads you into a large, spacious gallery that spreads over several floors. Visitors will be impressed by the breadth of pieces on display, testament to Sotheby’s position at the core of the modern art scene. In addition to the galleries and auction rooms, there is a restaurant and a café that serves delicious food, perfect after a long morning browsing some outstanding artwork. Visiting Sotheby’s, whether for an auction or a browse of its galleries, is an experience to be savoured.

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