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Sharps Pixley is one of the most experienced companies in the gold market with an absolute wealth of knowledge, a leading source of information on market news, research, analysis and prices. Not only will they help you understand and learn about the benefits of investing, they will also allow you to buy bullion in a simple, discreet fashion at the most competitive premiums globally. Sharps Pixley also offers an accessible, flexible and discreet safety deposit box service, in which you can store and view your confidential information and valuable items such as bullion. Not only can you open an account in a mere ten minutes and deposit your valuables with immediate effect, but you will also be offered both individual and corporate accounts. You will be allowed to grant authorised access to up to two additional users at no extra cost and permitted access to your box whenever you like.


About Sharps Pixley

Originally founded through two London bullion businesses merging, Sharps Pixley name dates back to 1778. Their brand name may go back centuries, but their outlook couldn’t be more modern. Sharps Pixley is currently one of the largest sellers of retail physical gold in Europe. Their main aim is to demystify and simplify the gold market, to expand the reach of precious metals and create new ways in which people can invest in them. Sharps Pixley is part of the Degussa group, which is Europe’s largest precious metals dealer. Therefore, they are able to offer customers bars and coins at competitive rates sourced from two of the leading Swiss gold refineries. Their London store in St James’s Street will allow customers to gain confidence in their products, as their state-of-the-art showroom provides physical gold to be presented beautifully on coins, bars and scrap. Having access to Sharps Pixley’s deposit boxes are also one of the best ways to safely store not only bullion, but confidential documents, family heirlooms and jewellery. These impeccably secure boxes are available to rent on either a short term or long-term basis.


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