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We’re usually careful to avoid saying that a brand is truly, ‘the best’. However, when it comes to equestrian boots, there are none who can match up to Schnieder Boots. Their products couple elegance with functionality, creating stand-out designs which exude confidence. Whether you need boots for polo or casual riding, Schnieder will either already have the perfect boots for you, or they will create them to your wishes.


About Schneider Boots

To say Schnieder Boots are exceptional would be an understatement. Worn by members of the English Royal Family and rulers of many countries, these bootmakers use only the finest materials to make products which recall an earlier era, one of tradition, luxury and class. Today, their boots are the boots of choice for the top show jumpers, dressage and event riders throughout the world, including national and international Olympic teams. In addition, they produce boots for the Household Cavalry and are the official supplier of “Jack Boots” to HM The Queen’s Life Guards and her Blues & Royals, the two most senior regiments in the British Army. The bootmakers stock an extensive range of equestrian boots and also make bespoke factory-made boots. Their most luxurious products, however, are their famous hand-made, made to measure boots.


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