Sautter of Mount Street

Listique’s Recommendation

We think this small Mayfair is more than worthy of its reputation as one of London’s premium cigar shops. Not only are the staff friendly and knowledgeable, but its regular customers are also an interesting and sophisticated bunch, very welcoming to newcomers. There is a broad selection of Cuban cigars ideal for cigar aficionados. Importantly, cigars are all well maintained, ensuring a high-quality product. The shop itself has a warm yet quirky feel, making it an enjoyable place to pass the time.



About Sautter of Mount Street

Sautter has served London’s cigar connoisseurs since it was opened nearly 60 years ago. The shop’s experienced and highly trained team understand what makes aged and vintage Cuban cigars so special. The staff are ready to advise customers about which cigar to buy, how to store them and, as cigar lovers themselves, they can help you learn about how to enjoy them. There are two Sautter stores in London, the other located in Knightsbridge. The Knightsbridge store has an extra luxurious space to sit, sample cigars and talk about Cuba’s finest export.


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