Rigby & Peller

Listique’s Recommendation

Whether it is looking fabulous on the beach or in bed, Rigby & Peller have got the garments for you. A luxury lingerie brand that embodies style, quality and inclusivity with their made-measure services. Rigby & Peller caught our eye because it understands that every woman’s body is different, and so each garment is designed and cut to perfection to best flatter your body shape.


About Rigby & Peller

Founded in London in 1939 by Bertha Rigby and Gita Peller, this bespoke lingerie brand holds a place in the some of the most prestigious shopping locations in the capital. In 1982 when the company switched hands to Harold and June Kenton, Rigby & Peller really began to boom as June was coined ‘Queen of Bras,’ a title that had her dressing some of the most iconic women of the time. Now in the hands of manufacturer Van de Velde, the retailer has been expanding internationally throughout Europe and Asia. If their made-to-measure service was not bespeaking enough, Rigby & Rigby & Peller use digital technology to take a 3D scan of the upper body to get exact measurements and an accurate outline of your body type. A team of expert fitters and seamstresses offer their advice on colours, patterns and materials to give you the ultimate unique shopping experience. Rigby & Peller have their client’s best interest at the forefront of their services, and it is the combination of innovative technology and a team with a specialist set of skills that has defined their luxury brand.


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