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We have luxury at the forefront of all our listings, and with over a 200-year history, Pringle has long-established its place in the field. Known and loved internationally by British and Hollywood royalty alike, Pringle is most commonly associated with the argyle pattern we instantly recognise today as an icon of high-quality fashion. We love the monogramming service which makes a Pringle gift that much more personal.


About Pringle

Robert Pringle founded the company in 1815 in the town of Hawick and can be considered one of the oldest luxury fashion brands. Despite its lengthy history, the company is still as innovative and popular as when it first opened. Embracing modern technological inventions that led to the creation of knitwear, Pringle has made a strong name for itself that has not got lost in time. Pringle cashmere has always been in high demand and could be seen on the famous shoulders of Grace Kelly and Jean Simmons during the 1930s and 40s. In 1956, the company was granted the Royal Warrant and continues to be a pioneer of British knitwear today. A trip to the Pringle store will have you kitted out from head to toe in no time with their wide range of garments from jackets and sweatshirts to dresses and trousers. The company has a long-standing relationship with the Scottish knitwear industry and still holds a prominent place in contemporary fashion as well as in the wardrobes of many worldwide.

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