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Coined as “the Netflix of fitness” Peloton has become known as a fitness sensation. While one would usually have to leave their own home to join in with others in an immersive fitness class, Peloton think differently. With 10,000+ live cycling classes on-demand, indoor cycling means customers can involve themselves in a fun, motivational environment, then switch off the screen and get on with their day, having skipped the inconvenient journey home in sweaty gym clothes, and shower in their own house. Exciting, engaging and convenient, there is no excuse for not working out with a Peloton indoor Bike in your house.


About Peloton

Started in the US, Peloton allows you to train on an indoor bike in the privacy and comfort of your own home, with access to world-class fitness instructors that will guide you through your workout on a screen. Customers have access to both recorded and live videos. Having built a brick-and-mortar spin studio in Covent Garden, after the extremely successful first launch in New York, a typical Peloton fitness instructor will teach around 12 classes a week.


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