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Pelorus have won awards for their creative, boundary-pushing travel ideas, and it’s not hard to see why. When it comes to providing exceptional experiences, these travel and yacht expedition specialists are at the top of their game. This company have unrivalled access to exclusive locations around the world, allowing clients to experience the wolves and wilderness of Norway, the remote tribes of Colombia and the panoramic views of Madagascar. If you’re looking for a holiday, adventure or expedition that will excite you, take you out of your comfort zone or show you the planet in a way you have never seen it before, Pelorus will happily show you the way. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for the best offers and a priority service.


About Pelorus

Pelorus are passionate about giving individuals and families incredible experiences all around the world, that they will remember for a lifetime. These travel and yacht expedition specialists pride themselves on being able to consider experiences and areas that other travel companies would never be able to, through their firm connections to a whole network of industry leaders. Pelorus work closely with each individual client to make sure that every area of the brief is met. They listen, they arrange, and they execute – always above expectations. They are highly creative with their ideas, and put together individual itineraries for each client that takes them to places and gives them experiences that surpass what their imagination can conjure up. Pelorus don’t just want to give their clients a break or holiday, they are focused on supplying them with life-changing adventures that open their eyes to what is really out there. Whether those experiences entail walking amongst elephants in the midst of Africa’s heartland, riding in a hot-air balloon over Morocco’s sands or sailing around the world in a yacht, Pelorus can make it happen. Making sure that their clients travel responsibly and sustainably is important to Pelorus. They work alongside charities and organisations such as Blue Marine Foundation and World Land Trust to protect the environment and give their clients access to unique and biodiverse regions.



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