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Listique’s Recommendation

Cheese is an absolute must have at our dinner table. A good cheese platter with all the trimmings finishes off an evening perfectly, and is guaranteed to leave everyone more than satisfied. If you’re looking for a generous selection of exceptional, high-quality cheeses, look no further than Britain’s top cheesemonger, Paxon and Whitfield.


About Paxton & Whitfield | Cheese Shop

Established in 1797, Paxon and Whitfield hold two Royal Warrants, and have won awards like Young Cheesemonger of the Year 2019. These cheesemongers have an amazing cheese counter of soft and hard cheeses, blue cheese and washed rind cheese, and an extensive collection of cut cheeses. Their cheese hampers are simply irresistible, packed with extras such as crackers, ham, cheese and wine. While their generous selection of cheese gifts are sure to be a success. Paxton’s Cheese Club is the ideal opportunity for cheese lovers to learn more about good cheeses, while their Academy of Cheese allows people to learn how to taste cheese like a professional and understand how cheese is made and matured. But Paxon and Whitfield cater for presentation as well as taste, as their stylish selection of homewares such as boards, platters and plates will serve up any cheese in an elegant fashion.

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