Ortigia Sicilia

Listique’s Recommendation

There is nothing we love more than a company that makes their products with natural ingredients. This company pride themselves on creating good quality products that look gorgeous, smell incredible and don’t harm humans, animals or the environment. With Ortigia Sicilia’s luxurious range of scents, creams, soaps, candles and lotions, one can infuse the heart and soul of Sicily into the home, guilt-free.


About Ortigia Sicilia

2006 saw the beginning of founder Sue Townsend’s company Ortigia Sicilia. Inspired by the aesthetics of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily, Ortigia Sicilia are Paraben-free, use organic colours, natural perfume and all-natural ingredients. The company has grown in success over the years not only releasing scents, perfume, bath & shower products and products for the house but gifts, accessories, bags and glass plates also. Ortigia Sicilia has been featured in The World Of Interiors, The New York Times Style Magazine and HELLO! Magazine.

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