The Notting Hill Osteopathic Practice


Listique’s Recommendation

What really stands out about these Osteopaths is their focused and holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. Their dedicated and experienced team have worked with everyone from footballers to professional ballet dancers. Listique recommends these practitioners for their expertise and personability. We also love that they’re so central.. just minutes away from Notting Hill gate station.


About The Notting Hill Osteopathic Practice

These Osteopaths recognise that each person comes to them an individual. Their holistic approach to treating injury, ailment, and pain favours treatment of the whole person, rather than solely symptoms. Their consultation process is thorough, attempting to understand the nuanced history of the person before them. A standout feature of this practice is their careful integration of multiple treatments including Structural and Cranial produces optimum results. The Notting Hill Osteopaths have a strong focus on education and treatment plans involving at-home steps, so results are not only immediate but also long-lasting.

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