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Listique’s Recommendation

We think Monkey Music is an amazing company; their enthusiastic and engaging teachers show children the rich and intriguing world of music for the first time, creating a lasting bond with music that will last a lifetime. We would recommend Monkey Music for younger children who thrive on interactive experience. Whether you’re 8 months or 80 years old, music has the power to move and inspire in a way that few other art forms can match.


About Monkey Music | School

All children are born instinctively musical, in fact the ear is the first organ to develop in the womb. However, only if this instinct is developed from an early age can a child blossom to fulfil their full musical potential. Since it was founded in 1993, Monkey Music has grown into one of the UK’s most innovative children’s activities companies, working to sharpen young children’s musical and educational skills through music. Their staff recognise that language skills can be built through song and rhyme; fine motor skills honed through playing percussion instruments, while spatial awareness and balance are developed through dance. Children can begin Monkey Music classes at just three months. By the time they reach the oldest age group at 4 years old they will have learnt nearly 500 catchy songs and fun musical activities. Children who pass through the Monkey Music ranks quickly build confidence and self esteem, which serve them well throughout the rest of their educational journey. There are a range of classes across London and the ‘Where’s my local class?’ tool on their website will show the class closest to you.

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