Michael Garry


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We know that an extra bit of motivation to achieve our goals goes a long way. Michael Garry provides an excellent and versatile fitness and weight loss programme, providing assistance across a range of services from weight loss and body sculpting, to intense training and assistance with extreme objectives like climbing Mount Everest.


About Michael Garry

For those who want to see their results within a limited time, in the heart of Belgravia lies the solution. In 2015 Tatler voted Michael Garry the best personal trainer. He covers all major areas, addressing physical strength whilst also creating the right mental attitude needed to remain consistent with training. Michael’s unique talent lies in his ability to create a bespoke personal fitness programme for each and every client. The combination of exercise with nutritional advice makes Michael Garry more than just a personal trainer. It is down to the client where they would prefer the sessions to take place, in their home, outside in the park or at the local gym. Michael Garry tailors his regimes to the clients wishes to make their fitness journey comfortable and accessible. Advice on how best to furnish a home gym is also be provided by the bespoke personal trainer.

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