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Masterdog are passionate about providing your dog with everything it needs to live a happy and healthy life. Their dog training sessions offer a chance to learn how to communicate with your dog, they also help with behavioural issues and work on any anxious or fearsome behaviours. Additionally, their puppy boot camp is a bespoke service that will train your four-legged-friend from its early years to cope with problems such as separation anxiety, socialising, how to obey commands and toilet training. Their walking service based in Hampstead Heath, provide an all-inclusive, stimulating enrichment and exercise programme for your dog to benefit from, while walking in organised groups to minimise any risk and cater for every dogs particular needs. On return, every pooch will be wiped down with a fluffy towel, for his or her ultimate comfort and appearance. London’s dogs have never been better cared for, than in the hands of the Masterdog team.


About Masterdog

Masterdog offer tailored dog and puppy training, rehabilitation services, walking services, puppy finder services, VIP concierge services and puppy boot camp services, to provide your dog with the highest level of quality in training and care services available in London. Additionally, they help to provide you with every aid you could possibly need, in bringing up your beloved pet. Masterdog wants your dog to succeed, to reach their full potential, and thrive in life in every way.


0044 (0) 800 907 8220

78 York Street, London W1H 1DP

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