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“Straightforward, logical and rooted in science”, The Marlene Method’s bespoke meal plans, non-invasive skincare treatments and nutritional guidance are the ultimate wellness solution. Marlene’s clinic is dedicated to making you feel healthy, rejuvenated and tranquil and therefore look amazing, without having to turn to invasive cosmetic procedures. All of the treatments are embedded in the belief that considering the overall wellbeing is of vital importance. That treating the body as a whole, the inside as much as the outside, is the key to a better way of life.


About Marlene Method

Marlene Munoz has drawn upon her expertise in anti-ageing, dietary and acupuncture to create her business, The Marlene Method: a combination of aesthetic therapies, holistic and traditional remedies and tailored lifestyle plans you can trust. Some popular treatments include: facial acupuncture, collagen induction and chi rejuvenation.

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