Maggs Bros | Bookstore

Listique’s Recommendation

We feel that certain antique bookshops retain something of a bygone era. In a fast moving world, they are places to sit back and absorb manuscripts and books from an earlier time. Maggs is such a bookshop. A global centre for serious book collections, a trip to Maggs is not so much a visit as a pilgrimage. We’d recommend Maggs to anyone who is interested in rare first editions, hard to find books and exotic maps.


About Maggs Bros | Bookstore

First established in 1853, this venerable antiquarian bookstore is an essential port of call for serious bibliophiles. They are one of the world's oldest and largest dealers in antiquarian, first edition, autographed copies and rare books. It is estimated that Maggs’s huge inventory consists of over 100,000 titles, although no one has ever made a precise count. To put this in context, placed end to end their bookshelves would measure two miles in total. Books are helpfully divided into six useful categories: Continental, Early British, Military & Naval, Modern, Natural History and Travel Books. Maggs are serious about books without being stuffy and their expert staff are capable of satisfying a wide range of enquiries. In 2017, Maggs relocated to their new premises in a restored Georgian townhouse, close to The British Museum in Bloomsbury.

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