Maggie & Rose | Private Members’ Club

Listique’s Recommendation

Private members clubs sometimes have an undeserved reputation for being dominated by businessmen cooling off after a hard day. They’re not normally considered a place for families to socialise and most have a restriction on bringing in children. However, Maggie and Rose bucks this trend. We love this hip London family hangout, which provides a space for children to creatively play while adults can socialise. Maggie and Rose is perfect for parents and children who love mixing with other families.


About Maggie & Rose | Private Members’ Club

When Maggie Bolger and Rose Astor opened their first family-focused members club, they wanted to leave the chilly church halls where most ‘child-friendly’ socialising seems to happen in the UK. They dreamt of creating a home from home, a place which would appeal to both adults and children. Twelve years on and their dream has become a highly successful reality. Now with two London clubs, a village nursery, two clubs in Hong Kong, one in Hangzhou and another in Singapore, Maggie and Rose clubs have been a hit success. Maggie and Rose clubs feature fabulous food and coffee, inspired play spaces, a unique range of classes, unforgettable birthday parties and holiday clubs for older children. The Chiswick Club features a bespoke soft play area, ball pond and retro slide, while the Kensington Club has a great treehouse style play area. Maggie and Rose clubs are specifically targeted for families with children aged 0-5 years old, although there are classes and parties for older children.

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