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Liaise.Live brings to life those moments that you can only imagine. From organising one to ones with your heroes to getting you on the guest list for the top society events and producing incredible, unique events. Taking care of everything they combine their extensive professional networks with in-house legal, logistics and event expertise to devise and then execute the most ambitious of briefs - from inception to completion. Able to deliver what others are unable to by working with the world’s top lifestyle management companies, family offices and individuals, every project is tailored and guided by each client’s unique vision but with the aim to always exceed their clients’ expectations. A significant proportion of their work is also connected with charitable efforts and, wherever possible, they offer life-changing experiences in support of world-changing causes.


About Liaise.Live | Entertainment Agency

Liaise.Live make those moments that you dream of a reality. The leading entertainment agency connects their private clients with A-list luminaries within the worlds of music, film, sport, food and fashion to design, create and deliver incredible bespoke entertainment experiences. If you’re hosting a party, Liaise.Live can organise an international musician to headline the night. Looking to impress at your next dinner party? Let them connect you with a superstar chef to recreate their signature dishes in your kitchen for your guests. Their global reach and network means that they can help you achieve your bucket-list goals. Whether you want to be coached by a world-class international footballer, attend the most prestigious events, spend an afternoon song-writing with a Grammy award-winner or even something entirely unique such as being written into your favourite TV show, with Liaise.Live it no longer just has to be a dream. Working in the virtual space, Liaise.Live can exclusively stream virtual performances from DJs, comedians, musicians and bands into the homes of their clients. And as well as working with standard tech, they also work with pioneering 4K life-sized holographic devices, bringing the notion of teleporting to the here and now. Liaise.Live also conceptualise and produce the ultimate events and immersive experience - including recently flying in television’s most renowned hedge fund manager to a corporate event to ‘fire’ the guests in character! They are as they say ‘Dream designers, magic makers and tireless architects of the otherwise impossible.

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