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Sometimes sub-par printers can spell disaster for an event. We’ve heard of printing errors mean wedding invitations are an email affair and event brochures having to be printed last minute on a standard printer before being stapled together. That’s why using ‘just any’ printers can be perilous. Printing disasters are easy to avoid by using high quality printers, such as Leighton. Renowned for their efficient service and close customer relations, Leighton are a truly distinguished company.


About Leighton Printing | Commercial Printer

Since it was established in 1962, Leighton Printers has risen to serve the highest tier of London businesses and individuals. The firm produces only the highest quality print, quickly and cost effectively from their 10,000 sq. ft. premises in the heart of Islington. With nearly half a century of experience, Leighton has both the cutting-edge equipment and expert knowledge to handle pretty much any print job. Whether it’s a digital or lithographic printing job, with Leighton you get crystal clear images and true-colour reproducations in a wide variety of sizes and print materials. Because of its relatively large size, Leighton has the resources and customer service to deliver printing orders that balance attention to detail and care with value. Leighton Printers hold two Royal Warrants, by appointment to H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

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