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We know the road to optimum health is a long one, full of obstacles and considerations. Lanserhof therapy clinics champion a future oriented and unique health concept based on decades of research. Their serene resorts offer a host of bepoke treatments to achieve a range of goals. If you’re in need of some targeted medical health therapy, Lanserhof will surely help you hit that reset button.



About Lanserhof at The Arts Club

After opening its doors in 1984, Lanserhof has become Europe’s leading health resorts thanks to their unique approach that combines nature and science. The award-winning LANS Med Concept merges wisdom from traditional naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine, and advanced modern medicine to invigorate every client. Lanserhof’s holistic view of the body is incorporated into a comprehensive approach that sees specialists diagnose patients to create a personalised treatment plan. Their range of treatment courses are designed to produce long-lasting effects that empower the body to regenerate, and the person to lead a happier life. Their six pillars: Rest, Purification, Awareness, Integration, Sports, and Soul target every aspect of the person to achieve real results. From Oestopathy to Acupuncture, Lanserhof’s London club has all the right health and wellness services to help you achieve optimum health, and banish the hustle and bustle of modern life.


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