KX Life

Listique’s Recommendation

We count KX Life as one of London’s foremost premium gyms. Simply everything about the place is outstanding - it’s about as close to flawless as a gym can get. The spa facilities are top of the range and the masseurs are incredible. The gym has a calm, serene and classy feel, making going to the gym feel like a privilege rather than a chore. If you are looking for a long term gym membership, we would recommend this fine establishment.


About KX Life

Since it was founded in 2002, KX Life (pronounced ‘kicks’) has established a strong reputation. The interior is plush, exuding luxury. On-site there is a bar and restaurant which would both be worthy of a visit in themselves. The food is high quality and the cocktails well-mixed. The gym has a friendly feel to it, people seem to be there because they enjoy exercising rather than because they are aware that it is something they should be doing. Of course, the gym features the state of the art equipment you would expect from a gym of this calibre and the usual classes, here delivered by expert instructors.


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