Kinloch Anderson

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We always want to dress to impress, so when we feel like donning our tartan we go straight to Kinloch Anderson. Currently in the hands of the 5th and 6th Anderson generations, the company’s vast and luxurious collection of kilts, scarves and sashes will make a statement at any occasion.


About Kinloch Anderson

Kinloch Anderson was founded in 1868 by William Anderson and his two sons who ran a successful tailoring business in the heart of Edinburgh. With over 100 years of expertise, the company has created a strong brand name and image that is internationally recognised as proud of its history and heritage. Progressing and thriving from the get-go through the 1930s where they boomed as a men’s outfitters and specialist in Highland Dress, Kinloch Anderson was more than deserving of being granted the Royal Warrant, making it the ultimate luxury brand. A series of online blogs keeps clients up to date with the latest news on where to spot an Anderson product, the most recent post discussing the company’s partnering with the Scottish rugby team. With a wide range of garments and accessories for the whole family to admire, a tartan outfit would not be complete without a glass of whiskey, which can be selected from the Kinloch collection.


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