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We know that finding the perfect nanny for your family is one of your highest priorities. However, it’s not always easy. It’s not uncommon to have experienced candidates that seemed promising in the beginning, but in the end, fell short of expectations. You want a nanny that’s not only perfect for your children, but perfect for the family unit as a whole. Kinder Nannies is the most trusted nanny agency in London, and will ensure that you don’t meet any timewasters. Their nanny and private staff consultants will work to find you your ideal nanny, through a stress-free, simple process, offering steadfast support throughout. Whatever your problem or query, Kinder Nannies are only ever a phone call away. Kinder Nannies don’t just make successful, long-term placements because it’s their job, but because they are truly passionate about what they do. Seeing a perfect match between a nanny and a client is what gives them their get-up-and-go, and we have utter confidence in their ability to make the right judgements in terms of capability, knowhow and character. If you’re also on the hunt for a capable, qualified staff member to work in your household, such as a Chef, Butler or Ladies Maid, Kinder Staff are the experts for you. Their private household staffing agency will be happy to help with whatever you need.


About Kinder Nannies & Staff | Child Care Agency

Kinder Nannies is a high-end nanny and private staff recruitment service run by dedicated, experienced consultants, that caters for clients who are short of time. This bespoke service works closely with every client to make sure that they are only meeting the best possible candidates, whilst experiencing all the benefits of an elite recruitment service. Kinder Nannies work with their clients from the very beginning to ascertain exactly what it is they want in a nanny. They will also be on hand from the start to advise clients on what they can expect from the candidates themselves, and what tell-tale signs to look out for. Helping clients make the right choices and securing ideal pairings between nanny and family, is Kinder Nannies speciality. They place all sorts of variations in nanny jobs. These including Full-time Nannies, Nanny-Housekeepers, Maternity Nurses, Bilingual-Nannies, Junior Nannies, Live-In Nannies and Rota Nannies. In addition to their Nanny recruitment service, this company also run Kinder Staff, a boutique recruitment service that places amazing private household staff in fulfilling jobs. They have successfully placed Housekeepers, Household/Estate Managers, Private Chefs, Chauffeurs, Butlers, Valet’s, Ladies Maid’s, Gardeners, Yacht Crew, Elderly Care and Special Needs Companions, PAs and Virtual PAs. Kinder Nannies & Staff are accredited on the ANA (Association of Nanny Agencies) website.

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