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Jewellery casting is an ancient art form that has dynamically evolved over the years. To do it correctly requires specialist skills and years of experience. Casting refers to the art of creating jewellery by filling molds with molten metal. We see Just Casting as a unique firm because they allow you to cast your own metal into jewellery. We have been impressed by their skill and attentive service, expertly transforming their clients’ ideas into realisable pieces of jewellery.



About Just Castings | Jeweller

Just Casting is a family run business that has cast and finished quality items of jewellery since its inception in 1964. As time has passed, the firm has evolved to provide a wider variety of services, such as CAD/CAM, plating, stone setting and polishing and finishing. Just Castings’s expert team carry out metal castings and can offer a 24 hour turnaround period on some metals and designs. They cast from wax, using standard casting wax but are open to using other forms of wax including beeswax and candle-wax. For plating services, the firm’s expert team can accommodate items ranging from jewelry to large restoration pieces. The firm is willing to send and receive orders worldwide via post. Just Casting is a Royal Warrant holder by appointment to HM The Queen as Precious Metal Casters.

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