John Lobb

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If the shoe fits…then it must be a John Lobb design. Tailored to the customer’s exact requirement, John Lobb houses the finest hand made to measure shoes and boots. We at Listique look for luxury in all our services and a John Lobb creation is the epitome of said quality. Equally as sturdy as they are stylish, a pair of shoes from this establishment are first and foremost a work of art, manufactured to the highest precision as each shoe is perfectly sculpted to its owner’s foot.


About John Lobb

John Lobb, a Cornish farm boy made his fortune using his mastery in gentle craft to open a bespoke service in the capital that for over 100 years has stood proudly in the centre of London’s West End. Now the owner of not one but two Royal Warrants, John Lobb’s unique footwear are crafted to the highest standards using traditional methods passed down through the generations. The John Lobb establishment is now in the hands of its fifth generation of hand-made boot and shoemakers, a symbol of durability through the hardships it has endured. Boots, shoes and slippers for both men and women are available on an international scale as representatives frequently make trips abroad, spreading the good John Lobb name. Shoe care items and accessories are a must-have so your one of a kind shoes remain comfortable and voguish even with age. It may take a few months for a pair to be made compared to the minutes in a factory, however, a John Lobb creation guarantees a process of love, care and attention.


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9 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1EF

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