Joel & Son Fabrics

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Fabrics fit for Her Majesty the Queen’s clothing has to have the Listique luxury stamp of approval. Joel & Son specialise in Haute Couture fabrics from brocade to hi-tech, supplying the renowned brands of Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. With selections for an entire bridal party to enjoy, these exquisite fabrics and accessories are statements in whatever form they take.



About Joel & Son Fabrics

Joel & Son Fabrics was born out of one ex-serviceman’s resourceful idea on how to make a supply of army surplus reusable. In the mid-1940s in London, Hyman Bull, a young tailor cut and altered surplus parachutes to then be sold as shirt fabric in the markets. Sadly, due to illness, Hyman had to hand over the reins to his son Joel, who took over the business at the age of 14 in 1952. By 1976 business was booming and to this day owes its successes to the combination of a loyal team of workers and devoted family. Joel & Son has made its name as a leading retailer in the fabric industry, working closely with factories across Europe and stretching as far as India. The company was granted the Royal Warrant crowning it a luxury supplier of fabrics. High quality of product and level of customer service is what Joel & Son Fabrics has prided itself on and continues to do so. Buyers are away of the current environmental state of the planet and work diligently to source fabrics from factories with the correct measures in place that do not destroy our planet.


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