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We highly respect Impact and Invest as a business because they truly care about sustainability and making our world a better place to live in. Not only are Impact and Invest passionate about, and dedicated to the preservation of our environment, but they are focused on developing and promoting services and/or products that benefit the planet. This crowdfunding platform has a different approach, and they are all for supporting companies who are at the forefront of change. As an investor, you will be able to strike the right balance between your financial returns and the impact that your investments are making, among benefitting from many other opportunities. If you believe that you would benefit from being a potential investor for Impact and Invest, we want you to know that this company are keen to help you reach your financial and sustainable goals. We highly recommend you give them a call. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for preferential service.



About Impact and Invest

Impact and Invest is a company that promotes an array of environmental and social impact investments to both UK based and global financial institutions and financial intermediaries. In partnership with Delio Wealth, Impact and Invest have worked hard to launch a fantastic platform which hosts their collection of environmental and social impact investments. Available for High Net Worth, Professional or Sophisticated Investors, this is a platform open to Impact and Invests financial intermediaries, who refer clients who intend to look into investing a part of their portfolio towards impact investments. The platform is focused on raising funds specifically for ethical organisations who care about society, the health and wellbeing of people, and who intend to use their activities in order to contribute towards the goal of creating a better world. Organisations that focus on areas such as recycling, pollution control and social care. Yet Impact and Invest are so much more than investing into funds, portfolios or companies that have a good Environment and Social Governance. This company are commercially focused, and cleverly use capital to invest into companies and organisations that have a credible business plan, have a robust financial forecast and a capable management team.

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