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True luxury transitions from a fantasy into a reality with Icon Private Collection. With a portfolio that can only be described as stunning, of properties in some of the most exclusive locations on the globe; including Puglia, Cannes, The Bahamas and Thailand, Icon Private Collection has revolutionised the world of luxurious properties. Whether it is your desire to overlook the French Riviera from a deluxe 7-bedroom villa or gaze out into the Andaman Sea from the privacy of an extraordinary property that is built upon Cape Yamu, Icon Private Collection is here for your every need. What makes Icon Private Collection different? They supply the best, in every aspect. They list properties not only with the most deluxe interiors and radical architecture but also in completely idyllic locations that will soothe your mind and elevate every fibre of your being. With Icon Private Collection, you are introduced for the first time to the natural beauty of the earth, and the true happiness that it can provide. Quote "LISTIQUE" for a priority service.


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Icon Private Collection provides the ultimate selection of the world’s top 200 luxury villas. Assisting clients in acquiring the most outstanding properties in some of the most world’s most breathtaking locations, there are no limits to what IPC can do. Typically listing properties of 4-15 bedrooms, and 10-30 guests, their price range may be high but so are their standards. Featured in Billionaire, Forbes and City Wealth, Icon Private Collection have built themselves a reputation as a company that can “give access to properties at the very pinnacle of luxury experience - offering the ultimate in luxury style and sophistication.” Whatever the query, one can count on Icon Private Collection for the best of the best in every aspect.

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