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It’s not often that we come across a company that would rather keep their online profile quiet and discreet. But when it comes to HiPE, it’s their whole-hearted commitment to privacy that we strongly respect, and which makes them London’s go-to for property searches that cater to high-profile individuals. If you understand the struggles of finding a property to buy or rent as a well-known individual, then we highly recommend this service that operates on a need-to-know basis and takes care of requests in a straightforward, no-nonsense fashion. Hipe without any unnecessary hype, delivering results, not loud or false promises. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for a priority service.


About HiPE

HiPE don’t like to make a song and dance online about who they are or what they do. Their priority isn’t making loud, extravagant promises but delivering results, without the whole world knowing about it. They are committed to running a discreet service that their clients can trust, in every way. Founder Dan Stein had a lightbulb moment three years ago whilst running a commercial property company when he recognised the struggles that high-profile individuals such as celebrities and UHNWIs face when attempting to buy or rent a new property. Through understanding that keeping their privacy intact was a significant challenge for these individuals, he set up Hipe to take care of the whole process from start to finish. From managing the viewing to finding an architect or mortgage company, and even keeping their client's names out of the tabloids, Hipe takes care of every detail, big or small.

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