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We are certainly not the only ones to know that Savile Row has a reputation that stretches far and wide, and can also be traced back to the founding father of Henry Poole & co. James Poole played an integral part in putting the modest street on the map as the centre for gentleman’s tailoring not only in London but across the world. Every suit, shirt, morning and evening coat is made from scratch and to order. The secret to their luxurious creations is keeping it classic at the core and embracing individual style on top. Fashions change but the quality is never compromised.


About Henry Poole & Co

Henry Poole & Co was founded in 1806 when James Poole came to London as a linen draper. His son Henry took over when his father passed and made his name and skill known among high society becoming something of a ‘celebrity tailor.’ For over two centuries it has been a family owned and run business with a history that lies in the heart of the Savile Row suit. There are over 6000 luxury fabrics to choose, from cashmere to rich flannels and fine tweeds, no two suits are the same at Henry Poole, that much the customer can guarantee. With a wide range of extras to choose from, whether it’s a pair of cufflinks or a handkerchief, Henry Poole ensures your suit is complete with a statement accessory. The team of creative specialists uphold the traditional values that have made Savile Row the central hub of tailoring aiming to give clients a bespoke suit that lasts a lifetime. Henry Poole was the first Savile Row tailor to enter the Japanese market, and now the tailoring skills of the establishment can be found in luxury departments throughout the country.


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