Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox


Listique’s Recommendation

Art dealers’ reputations are not built overnight. It takes time, knowledge and experience to create a buzz and interest in the paintings you deal in. We’ve heard of few art dealers who have endured as long as Hazlitt Gooden & Fox, which was founded in 1752. The dealers have an incredibly detailed knowledge in their specialist areas; Old Master paintings and drawings, French 19th Century paintings and drawings and English paintings and drawings. We’d recommend the gallery to fine art aficionados.


About Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox

Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox are renowned for their discretion and in depth knowledge of the Old Masters. As well as art dealing, the firm’s expert team also offer advice to artistic institutions around the world. The firm are unparalleled in their deep knowledge of art history. Most sensationally, in 2007 the firm recognised a long-lost Rembrandt self-portrait on sale in a small English sale room. The firm have been essential in bringing forgotten artists and artistic movements into the central focus of the art scene. When long standing director Jack Baer left the firm in 2001, aged 76, it was estimated that art worth £150 million could have been lost if not for his hard work. He made his name finding little-known masterpieces from unfashionable artists and opening people’s eyes to their brilliance.

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