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We love Harper Fine Dining because of their uncanny ability to turn hosting dinner parties from highly stressful to thoroughly enjoyable. There’s no magic involved. Instead, a dedicated team of exceptional chefs and service staff ensure that the food is delicious and the service flawless. Moreover, they are a pleasure to deal with at all times, with a level of flexibility and attention to detail that few can rival. Their dishes, like everything else about this company, go above and beyond expectations. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for the best rates and a priority service.


About Harper Fine Dining

Harper Fine Dining is a private chef service which allows you to enjoy high-end restaurant food from the comfort of your own home. Its service is suitable for events ranging from large dinner parties to smaller, family affairs. Staff are carefully chosen by the business’s owners, ensuring a top level service on all occasions. Harper Fine Dining has worked on behalf of numerous high-net-worth individuals and A-list celebrities, building a strong reputation for themselves among London’s upper echelons.



0044 (0) 7834 387 230


Alexander Street, Notting Hill, London, W2 5NT

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