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Young children love interactive, physical play. It stimulates their developing nervous systems in a way that sitting in front of the television watching Peppa Pig cannot equal. So, when we found out about Gymboree’s highly interactive classes for babies and young children, we were excited. Kids love Gymboree classes, which combine songs with play to expose children to a range of unique sensory experiences.



About Gymboree

For over 40 years, Gymboree has been turning fun into learning and is considered the world’s foremost provider of children’s developmental programmes. First founded in California by mum Joan Barnes, there are now over 730 Gymboree centres worldwide. Gymboree centres offer an array of classes developed by qualified developmental experts to enhance the whole childhood learning process and are designed for children ages newborn to 5 years old. Classes are planned in 6 month increments and tailored to meet each child’s unique interests and abilities. The goal is that children are continually challenged in a fun way, encouraging them to learn and grow. There are eight Gymboree centres spread across London. All are certified by the central company and have glowing reviews. They are owned by exceptional people who truly care about giving children the best start in life. Taking your child to an introductory class could take them to the next stage of their developmental pathway.


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