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With 43 years of experience in the financial industry, Christopher Coleridge Cole of Gresham Street Partners has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping to get the most out of your investments and property portfolios. Specialising in the well known LLP procedure, Gresham Street Partners can help landlords move their buy to let property portfolios into a company so they only pay 19% on rental income with 100% expense deductibility including total Mortgage deductibility. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for a priority service.



About Gresham Street Partners

If you have an existing property portfolio full of capital gain but you are concerned about paying top rate tax on rental income then Gresham Street Partners can help you solve your tax planning through an LLP structure. They work by transforming buy to let property portfolios from private ownership into company ownership (with commercial landlords involving HMRC from the start) so that clients can yield greater profits and receive bespoke and unique tax benefits including wiping out all previously accumulated capital gains tax and enabling the extraction of the equity value of the property out of the corporate after three-months, totally tax-free, whilst also protecting against Inheritance Tax.


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