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Listique’s Recommendation

Unlike other luxury items, silver and precious metals last forever, giving such items a unique power. However, their extreme durability means that each piece produced must be perfect. That’s why we recommend Grant Macdonal so highly; they operate by the strict mandate that everything they produce must be flawless or it doesn’t leave the workshop. Grant Macdonald are the silversmiths behind several impressive commissions. Perhaps the most renowned is their 1998 remake of the 6.4 metre high Orb and Cross for the Dresden Frauenkirche installed in 2004.


About Grant Macdonald | Silversmith

The company’s founder, Grant Macdonald, began his career as a silversmith in 1949, aged just 14. There is a joke that although he was not born with a silver spoon, he learnt to make his own very early in life. He established his own business Grant Macdonald in 1969 in Southwark that still operates from the same site. After opening, the business’s reputation for outstanding workmanship and innovative designs quickly grew, and they found themselves constantly producing bespoke works and luxury retail pieces for London’s famous Bond Street and Mayfair retailers soon after its inception. It did not take long for Grant Macdonald to establish itself as the London elite’s primary silversmith. By the 1980s, the business’s reputation had grown to a global scale and Grant Macdonald began working internationally, from Cartier’s boutique in New York to Hong Kong’s luxury hotels. The business was awarded the Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales, acknowledging both their fine work and their strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

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