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There is something mystical about antiques. History speaks to us through objects, and the allure of the past only strengthens as time elapses and things take on new meanings. We love that in a world of mass-production, Gillian Horsup’s shop offers truly unique treasures. From art-deco earrings to beguiling bracelets, this place stocks only the best antique jewellery and accessories. With a shop as vibrant as her hair, we suggest you block out some time to chat with Gillian as you explore her delightfully curated cabinets.


About Gillian Horsup | Antique Store

Knowledgeable and eccentric, Gillian is a revered expert in the field of antique jewellery with 35 years experience. A go-to for celebrity stylists and fashion editors, Horsup’s pieces have featured on countless covers including Vogue and Tatler. From the roaring 20s to the swinging 60s, she is constantly sourcing an eclectic mix of jewellery and accessories. Her favourite period is the 20s-30s but the collection is comprehensive. You’ll find it all: Venetian glass necklaces, Victorian earrings and even vintage smoking accessories! Above everything, Gillian values contact with her customers, and you’ll be enchanted as she dispenses pearls of wisdom about.. well, pearls.

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