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Listique’s Recommendation

We believe that the little touches are just as important as big ones when it comes to design. This is why Forbes & Lomax are at the top of our list when it comes to electrical accessory brands. The simple, elegant design of their switch, The Invisible Lightswitch® means that the lighting can fit into the design of your home not only convenient but elegant.


About Forbes & Lomax | Lighting Manufacturer

Forbes & Lomax understand the impact that the right lighting can have on a space. They also understand that bulky, prominent light switches are never part of the design plan. This is why their sleek, design The Invisible Lightswitch® is an ideal solution. Modelled on a transparent acrylic plate, the switch appears as part of the wallpaper, with only a chic metal toggle in the centre. With Forbes & Lomax, less is always more. An attractive design combined with the advantages of modern technology is what makes this brand so special. Their range of high-quality switches, sockets and dimmers in a range of finishes will beautifully complement any contemporary or traditional space.

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