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We were seriously impressed when we discovered the work that Fair Consultancy Group do. Not only do they recognise the complicated issues that can arise between principles and staff, but they make it their number one priority to help both parties work through these problems and come to practical solutions. If you believe that there are noticeable issues within your household that just aren’t going away, the consultants at FCG are the professionals best equipped to deal with it. Not only will they sensitively approach the root of the cause, but they will also work to iron out any tension and misunderstandings, without the need to blame.


About Fair Consultancy Group

Fair Consultancy Group understand that it’s always better to find real solutions to problems, rather than ignoring them, hoping that they will go away. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to the working relationship between the principal and the staff members within a large residence or estate. Fair Consultancy Group’s highly experienced team offer a whole range of solutions in order to improve the relationships within a working household. Through holding one on one interviews with both principal and staff members, the consultants aim to help both parties feel supported and understood, and to fully understand and analyse why there has been a communication divide, and why the principles desires have not been met. Therefore, a great opportunity for change is opened up, and solutions are created, without any individual feeling lectured or criticized. Additionally, FCG offer incognito assessments on staff behaviour and property security measures, sending in a member of their team to join as a temporary staff member, and therefore producing a detailed report on all house operations and what needs changing. FCG offer a range of other helpful services that every property should take full advantage of. Their residential services such as on-site training by a team of trainers that are all either former House Managers, Butlers, Housekeepers, Chefs or Hotel Trainer is a wonderful way to improve the skills of all staff members and integrate new techniques and abilities. While cooking classes held by FCG’s talented team of multinational chefs will give those working in the kitchen invaluable lessons on how to make a range of foods. FCG’s short term staffing solutions can always assist with finding the perfect candidate, and of course, the best local party planners and event organisers in the business are sure to be found by FCG.

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