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We were seriously impressed when we discovered the work that Fair Consultancy Group do. Not only do they recognise the complicated issues that can arise between principles and staff, but they make it their number one priority to help both parties work through these problems and come to practical solutions. If you believe that there are noticeable issues within your household that just aren’t going away, the consultants at FCG are the professionals best equipped to deal with it. Not only will they sensitively approach the root of the cause, but they will also work to iron out any tension and misunderstandings, without the need to blame.


About Fair Consultancy Group | Property Management

Fair Consultancy Group (FCG) recognizes the importance of finding practical solutions to problems instead of ignoring them. This is especially true for improving the working relationship between the principal and the staff members in large estates or residences. FCG's experienced team provides a range of solutions, including one-on-one interviews with both parties to identify communication divides and analyze why the principal's desires are not being met. FCG aims to help both parties feel supported and understood while creating solutions without any criticism.

In addition to its consulting services, FCG offers other helpful services for residential properties. On-site training by former House Managers, Butlers, Housekeepers, Chefs or Hotel Trainers improves staff skills and integrates new techniques and abilities. FCG's multinational chefs provide cooking classes for those working in the kitchen to learn how to make a range of foods. FCG also offers short-term staffing solutions to find the perfect candidate for the job, and the best local party planners and event organizers in the business.

It also offers a comprehensive approach to improving relationships within working households. Its experienced team provides practical solutions to communication divides and works with both parties to create positive change. Its additional services, including on-site training and cooking classes, further improve staff skills and integrate new techniques. With FCG's assistance, properties can create a more cohesive and efficient working environment.

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