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When it comes to buying or investing in high-end and/or blue-chip art, you won’t find better than Domos. These art advisors have an unsurpassed level of knowledge and are meticulous and unbiased in their approach; comparing the level of due diligence they carry out on art to other assets such as yachts, classic cars, jets and property. Perhaps you are an art enthusiast with a fascination for Chagall, or seasoned collector hoping to get your hands on a Dali or a Klimt. Whatever your particular passion or desire within the art world, whether you are interested in buying or investing, Domos are sure to give you the best possible advice and will help you make smart decisions with your money that will serve you well in the long-run.


About Domos Art Advisors

Domos are expert fine art advisors and specialists in due diligence on art transactions. Within the often complex industry that is the art world, it can be difficult for people to sniff out fakes. However, with the help of Domos, art collectors and investors can feel safe in the knowledge that they are getting the right art for a fair price. Domos offers a wide range of services within the art world, all of which prioritise the client’s best interests. These services include sales and acquisition, auction representation, valuation and appraisals, conservation of fine art, framing, art installation and lighting, collection management, historical analysis, safe storage, and forensic examination and art authentication. They have a 100% success rate and are relied upon by high-flyers all around the world such as billionaires, family offices and wealthy families. Domos Art Advisors are proud to sponsor Art and Museum Magazine, a supplement for Family Office Magazine. “It is imperative that you, the client understand that an “Art Advisor” works for you and has a duty of care to you only. However, Art Dealers, Art Galleries and Auction Houses have no such obligation and have to sell you their inventory. The art advisor will always double-check everything to ensure you are getting the right art at the right price and art that has no issues.” – Ty Murphy Art Specialist

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