Davies & Son

Listique’s Recommendation

When given the luxury of designing your own garment, at first it can be a little daunting. As we are so used to purchasing a final product, having a say in the process from start to finish can feel like unfamiliar territory. Luckily at Davies & Son, this bespoke tailor offers expertise on cloth, style and personalised features. Their approachable and inviting manner, attention to detail and quality of product certainly has us at Listique excited to revamp our wardrobes.


About Davies & Son

Since its inception in 1803, Davies & Son has expanded and acquired the houses of Johns & Pegg, Fallan & Harvey, Wells & Mayfair and many more, and is the proud holder of a Royal Warrant. Each acquisition has brought with it its own knowledge, experience and history, rendering it a creative hub for the finest tailors. Today their main line of business is suits, blazers and sports coats. For over two centuries, Davies & Son has made garments for members of the Royal family and notable figures in politics, cinema and music. With an international reputation that requires frequent trips to clientele in Japan, Europe and the US, this bespoke tailor has taken its work overseas and established itself as a world- renowned tailor of the highest quality. Davies & Son has the longest history of any independent tailor on Savile Row, which is the result of their passion in creating a suit fit for any occasion but unique to the wearer.


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