David Mellor Design

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Few companies have the longevity and impeccable reputation than that of David Mellor Design. Renowned for its incomparable service and quality of product, this is the company we would always trust for the most sophisticated, reliable designs, and therefore for the best possible culinary experience.


About David Mellor Design

Legendary designer David Mellor was one of the best-known, and most well-respected designers in the industry, and the creator of some of the most notable and recognisable designs in the UK. His most prominent including cutlery, metalwork, designs for bus shelters and the English traffic light system. David Mellor Designs lives on through the creative direction of Corin Mellor, David’s son. The company offers clients a wide range of beautifully unique, modern and traditional cutlery, that has an international reputation for its quality of design and manufacture. Additionally, the company sell exceptionally refined knives and boards, tableware, glassware, craft pottery and woodware, cooking and baking equipment and design objects and furniture. In addition to the London based shops in Marylebone and Sloane Square, there is a David Mellor Cutlery Factory, Design Museum, Country Shop and Café in Chatsworth, Hathersage. The David Mellor wedding list service, is renowned for its efficient, personal service that has been operating since 1969, which provides couples with a comprehensive range of cutlery, kitchenware and tableware to choose from for their special day.

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