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David Linley is a quintessentially British luxury brand. They use a wide range of architectural influences and techniques, honing in on both modern and traditional disciplines. The Linley team of designers and craftsmen work hard to guarantee that each piece is of the highest quality and made from the finest materials, and reflects each client's individual personality and flair. Linley designs aren’t defined by a particular look but are instead guided by design philosophy and by the idea of being both practical, functional while incorporating an inviting aesthetic. The dedicated team of interior architects, consultants, fitters, production managers, designers and craftsmen take on a range of different projects for different clients. From a contemporary apartment to an Alpine chalet, they are masters at what they do.




Founded in 1985, David Linley started his business with the aim of producing and designing high-quality furniture. Now an empire of interior design, they still stick by the same core principles that they created 30 years ago, “to provide distinctive design, exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable service”. The highly experienced Linley team take their clients on a journey of discovery, design, development and then delivery, consistently making sure they are executing a plan to transform their design dreams into a reality.


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