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We believe there is no artistic creation that will define the aesthetic of a room like a Crystal Caviar chandelier or sculpture. Upon viewing the companies generous collection of bespoke, hand-made pieces, we guarantee you will be utterly spellbound, as will your guests. These seriously impressive pieces are strikingly beautiful and made to last a lifetime. Investing in Crystal Caviar is to invest in true quality in every meaning of the word, and complete artistic perfection. Quote "LISTIQUE2020" for a priority service.


About Crystal Caviar | Luxury Bohemian Glass

Following a passion to create something completely individual, Marek Landa and his wife Michaela founded Crystal Caviar in the Czech Republic in 2010, the home to the ancient tradition of Bohemian glass craftsmanship. Having developed this intricate art form, eight years later the company is the largest supplier of crystal sculptures and luxury glass chandeliers to the superyacht industry. Not only have they installed their stunning, individualistic pieces on 92 yachts worldwide, but have also provided glass products to multitudes of public buildings and private residences.

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